Company information

Message from Our CEO

Since our company’s founding, ASK Holdings has served in solving the technological problems our customers face, with our key phrase being “we do it all for that one word: thanks.”
Our world is becoming increasingly globalized and the economic environment is changing rapidly. Amidst these changes, the needs of our customers also keep changing as well.
At ASK Holdings, we wish to be of service as we continually investigate and develop new technologies with a global perspective, in order to meet these rapidly changing customer needs. The ideal that we strive for at ASK Holdings is to help solve the issues our customers are facing along with them, with the attitude of “not giving up before our customers do.” Our goal is to bring happiness to our customers, employees, and all of the people that we come into contact with. We’ll continue to strive each day at ASK Holdings towards this end. We sincerely hope for your continued support in these regards.

So Takahashi, Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Philosophy

Strive to be an independent collective that brings about a feeling in our customers of gratitude (kansha), excitement (kangeki) and being deeply impressed (kando), by collecting technical and health-related information from a global perspective and transforming them into the products and services our customers need.

Code of Conduct

1. Establish close communications with our customers
2. Analyze the issues our customers are facing, collect the necessary information and propose a plan
3. Each employee creates their own work, thereby improving themselves through their work

Company Profile

Establishment May 1971
Capital 50 million yen
Officer CEO So Takahashi
Head office 〒381-0023 2034-25 Kazama, Nagano, Nagano
Number of employees 60
Business content Sports related materials
Electronic material
Industrial equipment materials
Abrasive material
Hhealth food
Natural food

Related business

<Business succession/M&A platform>

Japan's largest business succession, M&A platform TRANBI.(※)
It is a service that matches people who want to transfer business (seller) and people who want to undertake business (buyer) on the web regardless of the scale of the business.
The seller is free of charge, and the buyer can use it only for the fee at the time of business succession and M&A closing.
※As the number of users and contracts on the online M&A matching site/platform (in-house survey)



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Business hours: 9:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. weekdays
(excepting Golden Week, the summer holiday season, New Year’s holidays and days off specified by ASK