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Industrial Materials Department

Product Information

We flexibly handle all processes from the development and manufacture of industrial materials to processing and sales.


Rubber sheets used to bond dissimilar materialsAsner Sheet


Lightweight non-woven fabric sheets used to bond dissimilar materialsAsner Sheet NW


Enabling flexible plating processes for semiconductor materialsMasks for Lead Frames

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Flow from
Order to Delivery

Here we explain the overall flow from the time that we receive an order from our customers, through product development and finally to delivery.

In detail

Our Service Philosophy

We do it all for that one word: thanks.

Through our services, ASK Holdings considers our most pressing issue to be that of conveying the feeling of “kando” in our customers, meaning being deeply impressed.

Responding to customer needs Developing new technology

Since our company’s founding in 1971, we’ve helped our customers in the areas of technology and cost reduction to develop products. The fact that our customers are saying “if it’s ASK, they’ll figure it out” clearly demonstrates the value of our existence as a company.
We intend to continue collecting technical information both in Japan and overseas, building an organization by which we can offer complete support to our customers from the stages of planning to prototyping, mass production and up through post-delivery follow-up.

Making rapid support a reality Quick delivery

IIn our changing modern era, advances in technology are occurring rapidly, bringing about new values. The needs of our customers in regard to delivery time are becoming greater with each passing year, in order not to get left behind the times. With our internal facilities as well as our strong connections with partner factories, ASK Holdings works quickly to support these customer needs. Please get in touch with us first if you have concerns about product delivery dates.

AContinually striving for customer satisfaction Outstanding product quality

In the pursuit of inspiring a feeling of being deeply impressed within our customers, we continuously strive to improve our internal operations, with our motto being “zero customer complaints.”
ASK Holdings strives to supply the products that always satisfy our customers, as we keep our guarantee of ISO standards-compliant product quality in mind and maintain an adequate understanding of the quality our customers require, as well as the conditions in which these products are to be used.
We take great care in providing support from prototype development to mass production, shipment and post-delivery follow-up, and all of our staff members work earnestly with a sense of responsibility to do their part in bringing each customer’s needs to reality.

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Business hours: 9:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. weekdays
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