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Making it possible to freely apply
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Masks for Lead Frames

We manufacture masks that are used during the plating process for covering up the parts of lead frames (thin metal plates used in semiconductor packages such as ICs and LSIs) to create stripe-patterned plating.
Lead frame production methods are changing in various ways, such as larger sizes, matrix configuration, barrel-plating, and so on. Along with this, higher quality and precision are required on the masks using for plating. ASK Holdings has been involved in creating masks for lead frame plating for over 30 years, under the motto such as “high quality”, “quick delivery”, and “low cost.”

Masks for Lead Frames

Example of area machining

We accept orders from a single piece. We ship products directly to locations in Japan as well as a factory overseas. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like a prototype.


エFor area dimensions and pitch, measured value: ±0.05mm

Delivery time

Fastest delivery: Same-day shipment

Masking material

Parts always in stock
EG + rubber (rubber hardness: HS50, 60)
Thickness: 1.5 t, 2.0 t, 3.0 t (only HS30)
Silicone rubber + FRP composite material and laminated sheets

Engraving part numbers or using double-sided tape are available.

Strength and characteristics of materials used for adhesion

Inspection facilities

Pitch measuring instrument
Pitch measuring instrument

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